Target 401(K)

The sole focus of the TargetPayBenefits 401 (K) plan is to analyze the financial security of employees and help the employees to receive the financial goals. A member of the target EHR team who has worked for 18 years and 1,000 hours of operation has access to Target401 (K). Anyone who wishes to access the Target401 (K) payment should read this article.

TGT 401 (k) is solely launched to help you achieve the financial goals now and in the future.

Save money in a practical and systematic way with the goal of 5% of your salary in dollars for every dollar.

Target 401(k) plan is one of the best ways for the employees who wish to make their after-retirement life secure. This plan ensures that no employee needs to look for help anywhere after they retire.

Target term funds are diversified assets that simplify 401 (k) management and makes sure that the after-retirement life of Target’s employee is easy. Target understands that saving money is a very difficult thing to do in this highly competitive era. The Target 401(k) plan helps the employee to save the money for their retired life.

TargetPayandBenefits 401(k) Salient Features

  • Participants of this plan can deduct up to 90% (after tax) of their salary, up to a maximum of $ 18,500 per year, or $ 24,500 for employees over 50 years old (deferred amounts may change, amounts may apply from 2018). (NOTE: Participants earning $ 120,000 or more per year may not be eligible for a total transfer of $ 18,500 / $ 24,500 due to IRS restrictions. Contact the Performance Manager for more details).
  • Target 401 (k) plan offers access to 49 mutual funds with 9 target funds. These funds range from conservative growth funds to aggressive growth funds.
  • Experienced investors can automatically access their investments through a target EHR Ameritrade brokerage account.
  • Full access to your account: carry out exchange transactions on the Internet or by using your phone.
  • The plans are transferable.